University of Portland Founders Day
8:30 am - Breakfast & Awards for Graduating Seniors in the Bauccio Commons *
10:15 - 11:05 am - Session I - Posters | Presentations | hide
"Understanding the Functional Importance of two Unknown Genes within the TonB2 System of V. vulnificus."
Presented By: Michael Berry and Haley Pfeifer

"Effects of Differentiation on Migratory Properties of Glial Progenitors."
Presented By: Rochelle Shih

"Activation of the Non-canonical NF-kB Pathway by TNF Receptors in Human T Cell Subsets."
Presented By: Claire Kearney

"Burned by Prometheus: Molecular Evolution of Risk Alleles for Autism."
Presented By: Jacob Robino

"Adapting Curriculum to Meet Students' Social-Emotional Needs."
Presented By: Haley Anderson, Ivy Paradissis, Renae Perry, Josh Kachmarik, Elizabeth Dragun, and Kristin Gabriel

"Primary Education CS Curriculum Development."
Presented By: Elias Paraiso, Danh Nguyen, and Alexa Baldwin

"Harvested Energy Charger."
Presented By: Jacob Kirby, Anthony Lieu, Dylan Shuler, Phillip Manalili-Simeon, and Kieran Losh

"The Borrow Bike."
Presented By: Grayson Taylor, Jesse Rubenstein, Ryan Dehart, Aaron Leung, Martin Woodby, and Jack Padon

"Alternative Steering Control for Forklifts."
Presented By: Kaitlyn Krushinsky, Cormac Connolly, Jonathan Liao, Mitchell Kovalev, Robert Hutchinson, and Kaitlin Tiernan

"Aero Drone."
Presented By: Matthew Rodriguez, Andrew Joyce, Alex Brisebois, and Alan Iannaconne

11:15 - 12:05 pm - Session II - Posters | Presentations | hide
"Investigation of Antibiotic and Anticancer Materials Extracted from Bacterium Collected at a Roman Archeological Dig Site."
Presented By: Astrid Schick

"New Benzoic Pseudoanhydride Derivatives of Cooper's Pseudoacid."
Presented By: Michael Nguyen

"Pseudoamide Synthesis and Structure."
Presented By: David Hoang

"Using Digital Video to Measure Chemical Kinetics."
Presented By: Guilian Luchini and Alexandria Van Grouw

"Characterization of a Hypothetical Radical S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine Enzyme from Clostridium botulinum."
Presented By: Mai Jones and Samuel Matsuura

"Isolation and Separation of Ancient Soil Actinomycetes as Potential Alternative Sources for Antibacterial and Antifungal Medications."
Presented By: Madeline Otto

"Flavonoid Activity in Enzyme Inhibition"
Presented By: Nancy Le

"Antibiotic from Actinomycete Bacteria with Activity Against Pythium"
Presented By: Jessica Chung

"Extraction, Isolation, and Identification of Natural Products from Piper betle."
Presented By: Elena Lazarus and Vy Le

"The Search for Hyaluronidase Inhibiting Plant Extracts."
Presented By: Tsikata Apenyo

"Isolation of a Natural Insecticide from Yew Trees."
Presented By: Connell Morantte and Triona Matheson

"Anti-fungal Capabilities of Callisia frangrans and its Translation to Cancer Therapy."
Presented By: Siva Ho and Alexys Bermudez

"Extraction and Kinetic Study of Partially Purified Radish Peroxidase"
Presented By: Kate Wobbema

"Isolation and Identification of Soil Actinomycetes with Antibiotic Activity Against Pythium."
Presented By: Jennifer Chu

"Biological Activity Analysis of Withania Somnifera Extract."
Presented By: Shivam Swamy

"Application of XRF and LIBS Spectroscopy in Elemental Analysis of Coins Excavated from the Ancient Roman City of Pollentia."
Presented By: Riley McCammon

"Synthesis of Antimalarial 2-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinones Containing 3-Alkyl-diphenylether Side Chains."
Presented By: Chelsea Swartchick and Alyson Sillin

"Democratizing High-resolution Orthoimage Generation Using Drones."
Presented By: Dani Castillo

"Describing the Symmetries of SUP-Groups."
Presented By: Joseph Lippert

"Scenic Design Presentation for Appropriate."
Presented By: Megan Macker

"Hypoketonemia Risk Factors in Arctic Peoples."
Presented By: Jacob Robino

"Congressional Dialogues on Immigration from Obama to Trump."
Presented By: Jefferson Lee

"Cluing into Student's Personal Backgrounds in the Classroom through Writing."
Presented By: Audrey Vaughan

"Latino/Hispanic Men's Reactions to Use of Culturally Tailored Images."
Presented By: Nathan Lynch

"Implementing a Brown Rice Diet to Improve Glycemic Control and Decrease Body Mass Index."
Presented By: Wendy Su and Ellycia Yokomizo

"Opioid Dependent Mothers and Neonatal Outcomes."
Presented By: Laura Mannex, Ben Mulkey, Anna Demidovich, and Panah Mehrabad

"Comparison of Insulin Administration Modes and HbA1c Levels in Children with Type 1 Diabetes."
Presented By: Emma Lambert, Theresa Hommes, Rachel Walter, and Emily Fazio

"Efficacy of Atorvastatin With Lifestyle Modifications on Lowering LDL Cholesterol Levels in Dyslipidemic Patients."
Presented By: Olivia Benson, Juliana Itchon, and Daniel Pham

"Photovoice Interview Assignment: Skill Development in Grief Interventions."
Presented By: Anna Blake and Madissen Gallo

"The Long Term Effects of Cesarean Section Deliveries on Health Outcomes."
Presented By: Claire Shearer, Tayler Davis, Cambria Rooney, and Emily Gallegos

12:15 pm - Lunch in the Commons; Scholarship Luncheon in the Chiles Center *
2:15 - 3:05 pm - Session III - Posters | Presentations | hide
"Effects of Eutrophication in Estuarine Tidal Wetlands in Yaquina Bay, OR."
Presented By: Madeline Henningsen, Grace Brennan, and Victoria Avalos

"Columbia River Fire's Downstream Effects on Young Creek."
Presented By: Elijah Ballantyne

"Effects of Habitat Quality on Stress and Immunity in Wildlife."
Presented By: Dru Martinez

"The Effects of Ecological Restoration on Biodiversity at Multiple Trophic Levels."
Presented By: Rachael Aber

"Nematode Diversity and Soil Composition in Varying Habitat Types."
Presented By: Elijah Waxman

"Kinetics of Phosphorescence and Delayed Fluorescence of Acridine Yellow"
Presented By: Siva Ho and Christopher Heli

"Raman Spectroscopy: The Vibrational Spectrum of CCl4."
Presented By: Aileen Calletano and Matthew Foronda

"Determination of Excited State Energy Levels of I2."
Presented By: Anthony Nguyen and Justin Olson

"Rubidium Atomic Absorption: A Hyper-fine Structure with Doppler Broadening, Lamb Dips, and Crossover Resonances."
Presented By: Coyla Munson and Connell Morantte

"Measurement of Wavelength of a Helium-Neon Laser via a Michelson Interferometer."
Presented By: Amanda Restani and Christoph Thode

"Energy Estimation of Conjugated Polyenes using Particle in a Box Model: Theoretical and Experimental Comparative Analysis."
Presented By: Alexandria Van Grouw and Dylan Williams

"Acridine Yellow: A Fun yet Informative Insight into Fluorescence and Phosphorescence."
Presented By: Justin Dingman and Connor McLoughlin

"Ro-vibrational Spectroscopy of HCl/DCl."
Presented By: Claire Kearney and David Hoang

"Geologic Controls on Shore Platform Morphology: Implications for Biodiversity."
Presented By: Carla Cerda

"Quantifying Historic Landscape Change from Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry: Mount St. Helens, Washington."
Presented By: Rhys Coffee

"Incorporating Visual Access Points in Elementary Instruction."
Presented By: Maggie Keaty and Sarah Walley

3:15 - 4:05 pm - Session IV - Posters | Presentations | hide
"Examining the Phosphorescence and Florescence of Acridine Yellow."
Presented By: Joey Lippert and Triona Matheson

"Deconstruction of the Vibrational Spectrum for Carbon Tetrachloride."
Presented By: Maxwell Armitage and Katherine Brown

"The Mechanics of Making a Michelson Inferometer and their Applications in Laser Light Shows."
Presented By: Maddy Otto and Astrid Schick

"Visible Absorption Spectroscopy: I2."
Presented By: Skye Chen-Johnson and Phong Ly

"The Hyperfine Splitting of Rb."
Presented By: Jarren Takaki and Theodore Truong

"Ro-vibrational Spectroscopy of HCl/DCl."
Presented By: Lauren Young and Nicholas Young

"Visible Absorption Spectroscopy of Conjugated Polyenes."
Presented By: Madeline Otto and Michael Nguyen

"Comparing Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Illness in College and Non-college Attending Emerging Adults."
Presented By: Him Hubbard, Lauren Tolcher, Paige Reohr, and Andrew Muth

"Sex Differences in Mental Health Symptomatology and Stress in College Students."
Presented By: Paige Reohr, Lauren Tolcher, Kim Hubbard, and Andrew Muth

"Racquets, Regulation, and Education: Assessing Marginalized Youths' Perceived Self-Control Skills on Academic Assessments."
Presented By: Jackie Nolan

"Inclusion: Making Space for Social Well Being?"
Presented By: Brandon Cruz

"Serving Up Success: Assessing Self-Efficacy and Educational Outcomes in an After School Tennis Program."
Presented By: Taylor Trujillo

"Quitting Time? How Barriers Affect Motivation in Career Development."
Presented By: Danielle DeSalvo

"Today, I Bounce Back: How Different Occupational Therapy Settings Promote Resiliency."
Presented By: Marissa Quinones

"Parenting and Social-Emotional Development for Adoptees."
Presented By: Wanting Wu

"Reconnecting with Nature: The Therapeutic Effects of Gardening on Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities."
Presented By: Hayley Reed

"Where Did They Go? Assessing Methods for Improving Retention and Care Among Marginalized Populations."
Presented By: Alyssa Wilson

"What Emoji Are You? The Effects of Emotional Self-Disclosure on Classroom Behavior Management."
Presented By: Sabrina Bernaldo-Olmedo

"The Heartbeat of Suffering: Exploring the Motivations of Health Care Professionals."
Presented By: Brittani Klindworth

"I Messed Up, Now What? Conduct Process and Student Experience at the University of Portland."
Presented By: Araceli Gonzalez

"If Walls Could Talk: Physical and Social Contexts as an Influence on Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapists' Coping."
Presented By: Lou Tripp

"Community Responses to Stressors Related to Racial Justice and Identities."
Presented By: Reis Haitsuka

"Supports and Strategies for Students with IEPs."
Presented By: Kelsie Jane Smith

"Helpers Needing Help: Investigating Stress Levels in Crisis Workers and Coping Mechanisms for Self Care."
Presented By: Anna Jensen

"The Adult Version of Play Dates: Is It Still Fun? Combating Social Isolation in Community Rooms."
Presented By: Nina Sackett

"Sex Differences with Humor in Relationship to Compassion for Oneself and for Others."
Presented By: Abygail Kosiara

"Adolescents and Drug Abuse."
Presented By: Desiderio Morales and Alex Wallace

"Responding to Race: How Do You See the World?"
Presented By: Erin Ibaan, Laura Misch, and Amanda Zazueta

"Effects of Childhood Parenting Styles on Conformity and Anxiety."
Presented By: Madison Kelly, Emma Larson, and Sarah Martinez

"Meticulous or Mental Disorder?: Misconceptions of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder."
Presented By: Lauren Van Tassell, Barrie Purcell, and Megan Hogan

"The Role Race and Mixed Race Plays in Facial Recognition."
Presented By: John Cambra and Kat Thatcher

"Influence of Authority in Altruistic Decision Making."
Presented By: Lauren Jones, Corinne Milette, and Molly Thomas

"Effectiveness of Various Forms of Education Regarding Sexual Violence on College Campuses."
Presented By: Madeleine Hansen, Miriam Starrett, and Olivia Sanchez

"Student and Professional Knowledge of Eating Disorders."
Presented By: Janina Dukart and Rachel Liening

"Artistic Expression and Effects on Stress."
Presented By: Erik Klee, Anjeline Buencamino, and Randall Burnett

"Personality, Academic Achievement, and Curriculum among College Undergraduates."
Presented By: Jacob Robino

"Impact of Grit on Future Readiness in Graduating Undergraduates."
Presented By: Analese Gonzalez, Justin Low, and Sam Wong

"Working and Student Well-being."
Presented By: Talia Liebscher, Billy Joel Rafil, and Miranda Whitters

"Finances, Future, and, Family: Who is calling the shots?"
Presented By: Shan Chen and Gabriela Quiñonez-Riegos

"Impact of Social Economic Status of the 3 Rs."
Presented By: Taryn Okemura, Haley Huggins, Devon Schmidt, Kate Meredith, Lindsay Chang, Danae Ah Nee, Maddy Mandon, and Madeline Ochs

4:05 pm - Founders' Day ends
4:10 - 4:30pm - Founders' Day Vespers in Chapel of Christ the Teacher
* By invitation
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